Electric Heat | Air Conditioner-Package Units

Electric Heat | Air Conditioner-Package Units

Electric Heat | Air Conditioner-Package Units

Who Should Buy All in One Packaged Units - Electric Air Conditioning and Heat

One common type of packaged HVAC system is an electric packaged unit, sometimes also known simply as a packaged air conditioner. These include an electric air conditioning unit and are expandable with devices known as electric heat strips, which can be used to provide supplemental heating when the temperatures dip.

These types of systems are generally the best choice for warmer climates that don’t frequently get very cold temperatures in the winter. They lack the heating power of a gas furnace, but for most intents and purposes are energy efficient in hotter climates. Many people who buy all in one package units with an electric air conditioner and electric heating do so because they live in warmer areas and don’t need the flexibility to use a gas furnace.

These are, however, not the only type of packages system that we sell here at Budget Air Supply.

Other Options in Packaged Heating and Cooling Systems: In addition to electric packaged units, we also offer the following packaged systems.

● Packaged Heat Pumps Packaged heat pumps typically contain a heat pump as well as an air handler to manage the air. These can provide both heating and cooling for a home, but they are uncommon in very cold areas where furnaces are preferred for their greater heating output. All the same, heat pumps are attractive to some homeowners for their long lifespans and great energy efficiency.

● Gas-Electric Packaged Systems (Gas Packs) Gas-electric systems (AKA gas packs) are great choice for homes and businesses located in areas with cold winters and hot summers. They include both a dedicated electric air conditioner as well as a gas furnace, and are capable of providing both heating and cooling.

● Dual Fuel Systems Hybrid units are also sometimes called dual fuel systems. These contain both a heat pump and a gas furnace. They’re most suitable in colder climates because of the heating power afforded by the gas furnace.

However, these systems offer the advantage of using the fuel that offers the best efficiency, given the circumstances. When it is hot, the heat pump provides cooling power, and when it is moderately cold, the heat pump can provide warmth. When it gets very cold, the system will instead opt to fire the gas furnace, combusting gas to warm the home or building. This provides great energy efficiency and a significant amount of flexibility.

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