All In One Packaged Units

All In One Packaged Units

All In One Packaged Units

All In One Packaged Units

Whether you are looking for an air conditioning unit or a heating unit, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your location. You also may not want to only have just one of these options because you want optimal temperature control year-round, not just for part of the year. You need something that is versatile and energy-efficient no matter when you use it.

That is where our all-in-one packaged units come in. All of our options are ideal for either residential or commercial applications. We have several unit types that can best assist you in controlling the temperature indoors no matter what it’s like outdoors.

Packaged air conditioners are ideal for those looking for a space-saver yet a functional piece of machinery for cooling their homes or office. There are numerous all-in-one packaged units on the market today, but we have the following packaged units available:

● Electric heat/air conditioners
● Heat pump/air conditioners
● Gas heat/air conditioners
● Dual Fuel-hybrid units

Electric heat/air conditioner units are precisely what they sound like: a combination unit of heat and air conditioning that is powered by electricity. These are the kings of heating and cooling systems.

Packaged heat pumps are just what you need if you want a unit that combines the luxuries of air conditioning, heating, and air handling. These are great options if you’re looking for energy-efficient units, especially in mild climates.

Dual fuel packages are hybrid systems that have two fuel systems: gas and electric. These systems first take into account the weather outside, then choose the best fuel system to match it, amounting to energy savings for the home or business owner.

Gas electric units combine air conditioning and heating. The air conditioning is fueled by electricity, while the heating is fueled by either natural gas or propane. These systems combine the power and energy efficiency of gas furnaces in the winter with the cooling power that electric AC units can deliver in the summer. They are suitable in climates that have both cold winters and hot summers.

Our all in one packaged units come from various reputable manufacturers and brands, including but not limited to:

● Goodman
● Rheem
● Grandaire
● American Standard
● United Technologies

Not sure which packaged system will best meet the needs of your home or business, taking into account your architecture and your location in the country? Call one of our HVAC experts today at 855-473-6484.

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