What Do Defrost & Circuit Boards Do?
HVAC systems contain components known as circuit boards, and some contain components known as defrost control boards. But what are defrost & circuit control boards and what do they do? An HVAC system’s circuit board, also known as a control board, is instrumental in controlling the unit. The circuit or control board takes input from the thermostat and sensors and then gives commands to the units in the system in accordance with them. Think of the circuit board as the “central nervous system” or the “command center” of an HVAC system. Without the control board, the “hardware” of the system - the furnace, air handler, air conditioners, and all else - would hardly be able to operate - and they certainly wouldn’t be able to operate together. As for defrost boards, also known as defrost control boards or defrost circuit boards, these are special types of control boards that monitor the buildup of ice on your HVAC system (such as an outdoor heat pump) and then coordinate with the system to defrost any ice accumulation that could inhibit or interfere with the operation of the system. In essence, a defrost control circuit board protects your HVAC system from an accumulation of ice or frost that could prevent it from working.

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Defrost & Circuit Boards