Straight Cool-AC Condensers 410A

Straight Cool-AC Condensers 410A

Straight Cool-AC Condensers 410A

What Is a Straight Cool-AC Condenser?

Straight cool AC systems typically consist of two main units: the condenser and an air handler. This page displays only the condensers that are used to remove heat and humidity from the air. An air handler would then be paired with them is used to distribute the cooler air around the building.

These straight cool-AC condensers are dedicated for cooling; they use electricity as a power source and are typically only used to provide cooling power. However, they can be paired with electric heat strips to provide supplemental heating power in the colder months, as needed. However, generally speaking, they are not an effective or an energy efficient heat source.

As a result, these straight cool condensers are typically paired up with air handlers to form straight cool systems, commonly used throughout areas of the country with hot summers, and without very cold winters. Check Out Our Heat Pumps!

Since straight cool systems are typically not considered the best choice for providing heat, some homeowners who need to heat and cool their homes through electric power might opt instead for a heat pump packaged system. Despite the high upfront costs associated with heat pump systems, heat pumps are exceptionally energy efficient and much more effective at heating than most heat strips. In fact, they can even be further supplemented with electric heat strips in situations where additional heating is necessary but the location has not easy or convenient access to gas as a fuel source.

If you have any questions about our air conditioning and heating packaged systems, please feel free to give us a call at 955-473-6484.

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