Gauges And Hoses

High-Quality HVAC Gauges and Hoses
HVAC professionals need to lean on the quality of the tools and parts they use to perform installations, repairs, and diagnostic work. Here at Budget Air Supply, we carry not only the HVAC hand tools (including service wrenches and tube cutters) but also the gauges and hoses our customers need to render services and repairs.

HVAC gauges can be used to measure the pressure of liquids and gases in the lines of a system, vital for testing and setting pressure, and also when charging or recharging a system with refrigerant.

Many gauges have a red and a blue gauge. Typically, the blue gauge gives a reading of the suction pressure of a compressor and the red gauge gives a reading of the pressure from the hose.

HVAC systems also require the use of a series of hoses; most systems require both a pressure and a return line. These hoses carry refrigerant between the units that are a part of the system and may carry a lubricant as well. They are typically made from layers of flexible synthetics like EPDM, woven textiles, or woven metals with wire reinforcement for added strength.

Some systems are color-coded according to the purpose of the hose. If a system is color-coded, a red hose will be used to service the high-pressure port and a blue hose will be used to service the low-pressure port. Yellow hoses may also be used as refrigerant supply lines or for charging the system with refrigerant.

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Gauges And Hoses