UV Light with Magnet 24Volt

UV Light with Magnet 24Volt

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Help KEEP THOSE COILS CLEAN in your Air Conditioner!

Help keep your home Germ Free!!!!!!

UV Light Kits help keeps your HVAC system running at top efficiency .Keeps your cooling coils cleaner — UV Light Kits keep the coils free of mold and other bio-growth. UV Light Kits can easily save more energy than it consumes!

Ultraviolet Light kits kill the germs in home and keeps your ductwork and Evaporator coils Clean. Kills all germs H1N1,Black Mold ,Green Mold, germs and viruses ETC...helps keep the kids healthy and in school.




  • 14"  Bulb
  • Low voltage (24VAC) No electrical outlet required
  • Connects to any 24VAC HVAC transformer
  • Install in New or Existing HVAC systems to keep coils clean
  • Helps to reduce bacteria / mold and contamination 
  • Mounts in Air Handlers ,Package units, Furnace coils or any duct system 
  • Ships FAST! within 24Hours (excluding weekends and holidays)
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