What Is an HVAC Lineset?
If your home or business has a split system, a heat pump, or a mini-split system, wherein there are both outdoor and indoor units, your system will require a line set to circulate refrigerant between the inside and outside units. Linesets consist of thin, flexible copper pipes; one is called the liquid line that transports cool liquid refrigerant and another is called the suction line that carries gaseous refrigerant.

The liquid line is thinner than the suction line and they typically follow standard diameters, usually ⅜ of an inch. The suction line is usually larger and it can be ¾, ⅞, or 1 ⅛”. These lines continuously circulate the refrigerant between the units in a split system to provide for both heating and cooling.

Do You Need an HVAC Line Cover?
A line set cover, also known as line set insulation, is vital to protecting the integrity of your HVAC line set. A line set cover can protect your system’s line set from UV damage, improve the exterior appearance of your home, and effectively seals off the line set from vermin and insects.

Utilizing an HVAC line set cover will significantly extend the life of your line set, protecting both your HVAC system’s operability and your home’s value.

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