At Budget A/C we strive to change the industry as it stands today with low Priced A/C and Heating cost to our customers and clients. Tired of overpriced service calls, parts, and complete system installations?

We know as Property Managers you struggle to keep your properties and guests as comfortable as they expect when leasing a property from you. We also know how hard you work to keep your properties trouble free throughout the year. Here at Budget we have put together special plans together to help meet the goals and expectations of your Guests and the Homeowners.

As a Valued Client and Customer there are several options to take advantage of when using our services, Low Priced A/C and Heating System installations, Maintenance Contract Service Contracts, ”Flat Rate” service deals. These plans can put thousands of dollars back in your pocket.

Budget Air Supply are National Suppliers of HVAC equipment. We sell over 20 million dollars’ worth of equipment a year. We have a l6000 sq. ft. facility and warehouse with stocked parts and supplies .We sell to

Contractors, Schools, Property Managers, Apartment Complexes, Restaurants, Churches and Property Managers That’s why we can offer you wholesale pricing to you as a property manager and pass along the savings to you and your customers.

We offer several different programs which saves you money and increased profitability as a Property Managing Company. There are programs that we offer that no other A/C or HVAC Company can offer. These programs are designed to help increase your profitability for you and your company.

We offer cash back at the end of each month as high as 10% back to you(automatic).We offer low priced service contracts that you can resell to your customers at 50% over your cost. We offer a Flat rate program which is priced 20-90% below the prices of other A/C companies, which you can re-bill to your customer using the actual higher published rate.

We offer special discounts for Complete Systems and volume purchases for you as our client. We do not and will not offer these programs directly to any of your customers, we only offer these programs to you, “The Property Manager” our valued Client.

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  • Low priced Service Contracts as Low as $199.00 yearly
  • Wholesale Supplies and Equipment
  • Discounted Installations of New systems
  • CASH BACK off your bill on Volume accounts up to 10%

Low Priced Maintenance Contracts

  • 30 day payment terms
  • Low Priced After Hours Service Calls
  • Referral programs $100.00 per New Installation of Complete System
  • Centrally Located for Same Day Service
  • Licensed Contractor #CAC1817741Through Budget Air Supply

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