At Polar Air Heat and Supply we understand that with inflation and high gas prices, that it can be hard to Budget for a new AC system. Some companies offer financing plans that come with a high interest rate some as high as 28% or higher.

We have decided to offer a simple interest free layaway plan Simply pay 20% down on your selected unit and choose between 6 months to 12 months of equal payments once you have paid in full your unit will be shipped free of charge.

To get started please call us at 855-473-6484

Lay away terms: We will help you with your product selection get all the necessary information and get your layaway plan completed. No credit checks necessary.

Once the payment plans have be executed all payments must be paid as agreed, however if you choose to pay additional payments or pay off the layaway you may do so at any time.

If payment becomes delinquent and is not paid by the time the next payment is due your payment plan will be considered in default and your layaway plan will be terminated., 25% of the original price of the contract agreement will be kept by Polar Air Heat and Supply as a non-performance and restocking fee and the balance of the remaining money will be returned to the original named on the contract.

Once your agreement has been signed and executed by both parties and the deposit, plus one payment has been made Polar Air Heat and Supply will Palletize your completed order and hold the order ready to be shipped to the address on the contract once the contract has been paid in full. (Shipping is Free).

This contract shall be considered for all purposes a Florida document and shall be construed to the laws of the state of Florida and all its provisions shall be administered according to and its validity shall be determined under the laws of the state of Florida without regards to any conflict or choice of law issues.

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