Why You Should Own a Heat Pump

6th Dec 2018

The weather is starting to change and that means you may need to quickly shift from pumping out cool air on a regular basis to now escaping the cold by heating your home. You want a way to do this without having to use two separate units to change temperate. A heat pump may be the way to go.

Goodman is a leader in the industry and a Goodman heat pump can often be overshadowed by more recognizable brands. Goodman is in fact still one of the leaders in producing heating and air conditioning products.

At Budget Air Supply, we are Goodman distributors and carry everything from heat pump condensers to split systems and more all at the best prices. However, before you make such an important purchase for your home, you want to make sure it is the right choice for you.

Today, we will review why you should own a Goodman unit as part of your home to take care of heating and cooling needs.

Before purchasing a heat pump system, you need to understand how they work.

A simple way to explain a heat pump is that it is just an air conditioner that can actually run in reverse. A heat pump comes with a reversing valve, meaning that when you are trying to cool your home, the heat pump will remove the hot air and when heating your home, the heat pump will remove the cold air. You can actually go outside and feel the hot air coming out of the heat pump while the air conditioner is being used to cool your home. That is hot air directly from your home being pumped out.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?
Purchasing a heat pump can be an alternative to a furnace and air conditioning combination unit and usually costs less money, especially when it comes to installation.

Heat pumps are also completely electrical. There is no need for you to get fossil fuels like propane or natural gas, perfect for homes that don’t have access to their resources or for maintaining a green and environmentally friendly household.

A Goodman heat pump is also energy efficient and performs very well. If you use a heat pump that operates strictly on electric power, it can cut the cost of heating your home in half, all while giving you a unit that serves as a year-round heating and cooling option.

You also want to be careful about the temperature in your area. Heat pumps can become less effective in extreme conditions, so having a gas furnace as a backup can work, but you can still maximize your savings by having a heat pump as your primary source of heating and air conditioning.

One of the benefits of using a heat pump is that the heat distribution is more evenly spread, which can make it more comfortable for people who don’t expect intense heat and eliminate cold spots with a home that can pop up with a gas furnace. Heat pumps turn on and off far less than a gas furnace, also helping to save energy.

A Goodman heat pump uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant, is incredibly quiet in operation and has a factory installed suction line accumulator, bi-flow liquid line filter drying and more. The high-efficiency scroll compressor from Copeland also helps keep energy costs low.

Of course, if you plan on using a heat pump frequently and throughout the hot months of summer and the cold months of winter, you will want to have it maintained regularly. Heat pumps will need to undergo a tune-up once a year just to make sure they continue to operate in top condition for when more extreme temperatures start to set in. By maintaining your heat pump, you can avoid any repair costs that may pop up, especially when you need the heat pump to work most.

It is also important that you know the best practices of a heat pump so you can avoid any potential damages. Heat pumps are great for regulating temperatures but can freeze up during the intense winter chill. Heat pumps do come with a defrost mode to take care of this, but it can become too difficult for the defroster to complete the process in the most extreme cases. If a defroster is turning on frequently or stays on too long, there is a risk of damage, so keep that in mind and know your climate, as well.

Budget Air Supply started as a simple idea in 2008 and has turned into a leading distributor of heating and air conditioning systems. We provide quality service on repairs, parts, and installation. With our roots set in Central Florida and two more warehouses located across the country, we can easily supply the parts you need for a repair or to complete the installation of your unit. Our goal throughout is to do this at the lowest cost to customers and as convenient as possible, which is why we have continued to expand over the years.

So, get your next Goodman heat pump with Budget Air Supply and find everything you need to heat and cool your home year-round with us.