Rheem 2.0 Ton Multi-Positional Air Handler (RH2TZ2417STANNJ)

Rheem 2.0 Ton Multi-Positional Air Handler (RH2TZ2417STANNJ)

The Rheem 2.0 Ton Multi-Positional Air Handler (RH2TZ2417STANNJ) is versatile, efficient, and remarkably adaptable. It's designed to elevate the performance of your HVAC system, engineered with advanced features and adaptable installation options. Whether you're in a residential or commercial environment, this Rheem 2 ton air handler can meet your unique needs. Let's explore what makes the RH2TZ2417STANNJ a standout choice for your heating and cooling needs.

Key Features of the Rheem 2.0 Ton Multi-Positional Air Handler

  1. Constant Torque Motor (ECM):
  • The RH2TZ2417STANNJ features a high-efficiency Constant Torque motor (ECM). This advanced motor technology adjusts its speed based on the specific heating or cooling demand, enhancing the system's overall SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) performance when paired with compatible Rheem outdoor units. The ECM's ability to modulate airflow precisely improves energy efficiency and ensures a more comfortable indoor climate, regardless of the weather.
  1. Versatile 4-Way Convertible Design:
  • One of the premier features of this Rheem 2 ton air handler is its versatile 4-way convertible design. Whether your installation requires an upflow, downflow, horizontal left, or right configuration, the RH2TZ2417STANNJ can adapt to meet your needs. This flexibility simplifies the installation process, making it an ideal choice for new builds and retrofit projects. No matter how your space is configured, this air handler can be easily integrated to provide efficient and reliable climate control.
  1. Factory-Installed Indoor Coil:
  • The Rheem RH2TZ air handler comes equipped with a factory-installed indoor coil, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance with Rheem outdoor units. This coil delivers efficient heat transfer, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your HVAC system. The factory installation guarantees a perfect fit and eliminates the guesswork associated with field-installed components, providing a seamless and reliable operation from day one.
  1. Sturdy Cabinet Construction:
  • Durability is key in HVAC systems, and the RH2TZ2417STANNJ excels in this area with its robust cabinet construction. The air handler's cabinet withstands the demands of regular use and harsh environments, ensuring a long service life. The cabinet also features 1.0 inch [25.4 mm] of foil-faced insulation, providing excellent sound dampening and thermal insulation. This means quieter operation and better temperature regulation, contributing to a more comfortable and energy-efficient home or business.
  1. Field-Installed Auxiliary Electric Heater Kits:
  • To further enhance indoor comfort, the RH2TZ2417STANNJ supports field-installed auxiliary electric heater kits. These kits allow for customized heating options, providing precise heat delivery tailored to your needs. Whether you need additional warmth during cold spells or supplementary heating in specific zones, these auxiliary heaters can be easily integrated into the air handler, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the year.

Why Choose the Rheem RH2TZ2417STANNJ?

The Rheem 2.0 Ton Multi-Positional Air Handler is a versatile and efficient solution for any HVAC system. Its high-performance Constant Torque motor, flexible installation options, and robust construction make it an excellent choice for various applications. Whether you are a homeowner looking to upgrade your existing system or a contractor seeking reliable equipment for your clients, the RH2TZ2417STANNJ offers unmatched performance and adaptability.

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7th Jul 2024

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