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Your Air Conditioning Bill


Almost half of your electricity bill is spent is spent keeping your house cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. If this statistic sounds like you, you might be wondering if there is a way to be more mindful of your electric bill while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Indeed, reducing the amount of energy you use to keep cool can equate to savings on your bill. A good first step is to find a local Goodman AC dealer. Below are 5 things you need to know about your home air conditioning bills to help keep your pockets full while summer temperatures soar.

1. Being energy efficient, will save you money

First,, an older system will not generally be energy efficient. Same goes for your older HVAC system. To verify, find an air conditioning professional who can audit and test your home's energy usage. An auditor will survey your house in order to tell you exactly where cool air is escaping due to under-insulation or improperly sealed windows and doors. Many energy providers offer discounted or free audits to their customers, so be sure to ask them. Budget supply and extra savings can be found when you correct the areas identified in the energy audit. Your local Goodman AC dealer will do this audit for you at your home. Also, capitalize on AMERICAN PRIDE HVAC companies to assist.

Even installing a programmable thermostat can help with your expenses by keeping costs down. These devices allow you to set controls to change your thermostat's temperature while you're away - that way you're not cooling an empty house. A Goodman AC dealer can make recommendations for your family. You can even schedule a temperature change into your programmable thermostat, so your home is nice and cool by the time you get home without wasting hours of cooling energy throughout the day. We have found that most Air conditioner companies today really believe in AMERICAN PRIDE HVAC but, be sure to ask where items are being purchased from.

2. Small changes make a difference

Doors, windows and window frames are areas of concern and are normally an easy fix. Re-caulking those areas will save you more than you realize.

Shade can help in many cases. We recommend planting trees but, make sure it is not too close to your home. You don't want to damage your foundation with root damage. This may seem like a small task, but it can equate to big savings on your home air conditioning bills and your savings will be noticed almost immediately. Consider purchasing a awning or pop-up shade . Think about planting some tall trees near your windows, and you'll be sure to notice how much cooler your interior remains. Consider putting tint on your windows. These types of solutions solutions will save you and your family money.

3. Updates are critical.

While they carry a sometimes hefty up-front cost, updates to your home can save big when it comes to your monthly energy costs. If your HVAC system was installed before the early 2000s, you may want to consider upgrading to an energy-efficient system.

Also, installing energy-efficient windows can make a huge difference in your monthly payments! The latest double- and triple-pane windows are comprised of multiple panes of durable glass with clear gas between the panes. The gas works as insulation to keep heat out while the clear windows let sunshine through, keeping your home cooler and brighter at the same time. Heat and air supply will be extremely different and substantial.

4. The importance of details

Draw your shades to keep the sun out. Simply closing your blinds during the sun's peak hours can have a significant impact on inside temperatures. If your goal is to keep your home comfortable, there are a few tricks some use. One trick is to use foil on the inside of your window, You can also place insulation foam in the inside of your home. It blocks your view but, will help your house stay cool in the Summer.

If you have indoor fans, turn them on! Using a ceiling fan, a whole house fan, or even a portable oscillating or desk fan will help to keep the air circulating inside your home. The more air circulates, the cooler the indoor temperature feels. This way you can keep your thermostat set a bit higher and still keep cool. You will be shocked on the changes & difference. These small changes will save you money and help keep your home comfortable.

You can also close doors our shut vents in rooms not used in your home. This can really make a difference. This way you don't use energy to cool rooms that are not regularly used.

5. You can use the power of the Sun.

Looking for unconventional ways to save is another option. Explore installing solar panels on your roof is a major cost-cutting tool. Switching to a solar power system is easier than you might think, and the long-term savings are more than worth the up front investment! If you're interested, there are many companies who can give you a quote.

On the fence but not certain if you want to make that type of investment? You could paint your roof white. A white roof will reflect sunlight, while typical black or grey roof tiles actually absorb heat. If you have any questions concerning air conditioning supplies, give us a call at 855-473-6484 or go to our website.

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