What is a Packaged Air Conditioner?

28th Dec 2018

Two well-known types of air conditioners are the window and split unit. Window units are single piece air conditioners generally found in homes. Retail units typically cool spaces between 5,000 and 20,000 BTUs that cool between 150 and 800 square feet or more. The split unit is made up of two parts – the outside condenser and inside air handler. Split units are often referred to as central air conditioners. A lesser-known variety is the packaged air conditioner. This single unit outdoor system is used in homes and businesses. The units also fall into the central air category.

Why Would Someone Choose Single Unit Central Air?
As long as an air conditioner cools your home or business, it doesn’t matter if it is a window unit, split unit, or single unit, right? Each option has its place and function, but sometimes the flexibility and convenience of one packaged system, in this case, sets it apart from the other options.

Location Flexibility
Residential air conditioning systems, including packaged conditioners, are installed adjacent to an outdoor wall of the home. Businesses may not have enough outdoor space to install a unit, which is where single package systems come in. These units can be installed on the roof of the business. Roof setups are ideal for companies of all sizes and customers can upgrade or downgrade most units at leisure.

Upgrade and Downgrade Options
If you were to add a second level to your home or expand the size of your business, most split air conditioning units are replaced with a more powerful system. However, some packaged units are modular. Modular conditioners can be upgraded or downgraded as needed.

When you expand the square footage of your home or business, instead of removing the old unit and replacing it with a more powerful system, a second unit is installed next to the existing one. The size of the second unit depends on the additional area to be cooled.

No Indoor Installation or Maintenance Required
Unlike split unit systems, packaged air conditioners don’t require the installation of an indoor air handler. The air handler is often located above the ceiling of the home’s main floor. It can only be installed and maintained via an access panel on the roof.

Packaged conditioners combine the outside condenser with the air handler, so access to the interior of the home or business is not required for installation or maintenance. This is especially useful for techs servicing a unit as all parts are in one central location not split between the interior and exterior of the space.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings
Seasonal energy efficiency rating, referred to as SEER for short, estimates the yearly cost to operate the air conditioning system — the higher the SEER; the more efficient the unit. This is important for homes and businesses with no space for indoor installation required with a split unit because it means low-efficiency window units are no longer needed.

Are All Single Unit Systems Heat and AC?
No, these air conditioner units don’t always supply AC and heat, but most we have come in contact with do serve both purposes. Most likely this is attributed to space as installing a packaged heating system separate from a packaged air conditioner would take up twice the space.

Why Choose Budget Air Supply?
Many companies like Budget Air Supply sell packaged air conditioners, so why choose us over the competition?

Free or Low-Cost Delivery
We offer free shipping to a local hub or shipping terminal. Once delivered, you receive a call to come pick up your unit. Our warehouse will also deliver your purchase to a local commercial building equipped with a forklift and loading dock. If neither is available, for a small free you order is delivered to your residence with our LiftGate Service.

Detailed Specifications
The specifications published with each product from Budget Air Supply include standard features like:

• Refrigerant Type
• Condenser RPM Speed
• ARI Certification
• ETL Listed
• Cabinet Material
• Building Code Integrity in Specific Areas
• The Extent of the Limited Warranty

Clear Return Instructions
Budget Air Supply only uses high-quality, trusted shipping companies like Old Dominion, FedEx, and UPS. The shippers are known for rarely delivering damaged packages. However, before signing any paperwork, unpack and inspect all parts to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. Report any damaged or missing pieces to the trucking company immediately. If the unit is significantly damaged, refuse the shipment, and the trucking company will handle the return or exchange with Budget Air Supply.

We want your experience with a packaged air conditioner to go off without a hitch. The experts at Budget Air Supply have the specs you need, free shipping on most orders, and a vast inventory of packaged conditioners. Check us out online at BudgetAirSupply.com or give us a call at 855-473-6484. We can walk you through the square footage of your home and help you find the most energy-efficient, top-of-the-line packaged system available.