Single Head Floor Mounted Systems 

Floor mounted air conditioners are often ductless systems that can help to circumvent a building’s lack of pre-existing ductwork. Instead of having all of the components of the system located within the home, a single head floor mounted system contains both an indoor and outdoor unit that are connected by small lines containing refrigerant. These systems are sometimes referred to as mini split systems, because the system is “split” between the indoor and outdoor components. 

Single head systems contain only one unit on the interior of the home that can provide fo heating and cooling, although mini split systems can contain multiple “heads” that can be used to provide comfort in different rooms in a home or building. 

Who Should Get a Single Head Floor Mounted System?

Single head, floor-mounted split systems may be a good choice for homeowners that have limited space within their homes, since some of the system is located outside. These may also be a good choice in situations in which a home, business or other building does not have pre-existing ductwork. They may also be preferable in situations where, for whatever reason, installing ductwork is either impossible or cost prohibitive. 

Certain mini split systems, like these, can also be energy efficient and are often far superior to window mounted systems as they allow for the integrity of a home’s insulation to be maintained. Mini splits are also flexible, can allow for heating and cooling different zones, and may be more cost-effective to install than alternatives. 

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