Air Conditioner Split Systems 

What Is an HVAC Split System?
HVAC split systems are systems that have two units - one located outdoors and one located indoors. Hence, the units are “split.”

Typically, split systems consist of a condensing unit, or a heat pump, located outside the home paired with either a furnace or an air handler inside the home. They are connected by refrigerant lines that run between the outdoor unit and indoor unit.

Split systems can be ductless or require ducts for the circulation of air. To learn more about our (ductless) mini splits, please visit the previous link or contact us.

What Are the Advantages of Air Conditioner Split Systems? Split systems offer homeowners and business owners some significant advantages.

● Split systems are usually easier to install and require less labor. Also, since most systems are only connected by narrow tubing, there’s no extensive ductwork to install.
● Since only part of the split system is housed indoors and the other component outdoors, they can offer some homeowner space savings.
● Less noise: since the condenser unit will be located outside, homeowners need to contend with less noisy operation in their own homes.
● Central air systems (ducted systems) tend to lose a lot of efficiency through their ductwork. Split systems that lack ductwork are therefore typically more energy efficient when it comes to heating or cooling.
● Split systems also potentially enable zoning, each of which can be controlled via its own thermostat, for even greater energy efficiency. Zoned HVAC systems also make it easier to keep your home comfortable.

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